What is Naija Union?

What a Unique Network!

Nigeria is reported to be among the poorest nations of the world. While it’s true that government has the responsibility to fight poverty, yet all citizens must contribute their quota to solving the menace of poverty. To this end, we consider the business model that has great potential to cushion the effect of poverty for millions of people ant not just a few. This option is NETWORKING business.

However, the type of networking system that will do justice to taking million people out of poverty should be unique in operations. That’s why we developed Naija Union Network System (https://naijaunion.org). 

Naija Union program generates N135,000 per cycle for each member on the platform; and a member can earn as many cycles as possible in a calendar year. There are other associate benefits that Naija Union offers its members, and that’s why you’re obliged to go to the site, https://naijaunion.org, to find out. 

August 21, 2019